Sump Pumps Save The Day

Flooded Basement

How many of you remember the great deluge of 1996? Aurora Illinois received 19 inches of rain in 24 hours matching a national record. You never know when Mother Nature will unleash another monster storm on Chicagoland. Basements were flooded, yards were under water, and roads were closed. How do you protect yourself from an unexpected summer storm?

Try a sump pump with a battery backup system in place. Within hours, a flood can envelop your home from the basement on up. The result could be hundreds of thousands of dollars in water damage, not to mention the loss of personal property that can never be replaced. For the solution call AquaTech Plumbing at (630) 416-3555, (630) 377-9555, or (630) 462-3555, for more information on how you can defend your home against colossal rains.

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