Water Jetting & Vacuum Pumping Services in Chicago and West Suburbs
To avoid the mess and expense that comes with major sewer line issues, trust the professionals at AquaTech Sewer Service to resolve them fully and completely. From 24/7 emergency services to routine drain cleaning service in Chicago and West Suburbs, we handle the complete needs of your commercial or industrial sewer system.
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Water Jetting Service

Problems lurking deep in your sewer line can quickly become costly and dangerous. From roots growing into the line, to backups and buildups caused by clogs, we get to the bottom of these issues fast. With high-pressure water jetting, we’re able to make quick work of sewer line cleaning in Chicago and West Suburbs.

Water jetting is a quick, easy, effective way to flush your sewer lines of anything that might be impeding them. We’ll blast through roots and clogs to restore the complete function of your lines. Count on is for all of the following services:

Commercial 1
Commercial 2
Commercial 3
Commercial 4

Broken Pipe?

Clogged drain? Poor water pressure? Discolored water?

We’ve got help for you! Get better plumbing for Better pricing with AquaTech Plumbing.

Vacuum Pumping

From grease traps to reservoirs, pumping services are a cornerstone of sewer maintenance. Thanks to our fleet of pumping trucks, we’re able to provide these services to any commercial or industrial customers who may require it. From restaurant grease traps to municipal storm drains and collection areas, our experience enables us to provide quick and thorough pumping services:

  • Dikes/containment areas
  • Garage sumps/car wash sumps
  • Grease traps
  • Lift stations
  • Parking ramp sumps
  • Storm/sanitary sewer manholes
  • Tanks, pits, vaults and trenches
  • Broken sewer pipe replaced
  • Camera sewer line
  • Build or repair catch basins
  • Storm sewers
  • Maintenance agreements
  • Installation of grease traps
  • Inspection pit

We recognize you have choices. Our mission is service that makes you a customer for life, so you'll never regret choosing AquaTech Plumbing. Call us today!

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