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Sump Pumps & Ejectors Pumps

chicago sump pump backup

Get a Chicago Sump Pump Backup Today…Before You Need It!

Manufacturers Suggest Replacing Your Sump Pump At Least Every 3 Years. A flooded basement can cost thousands of dollars in restoration, not to mention the hassle. And there is no replacement for items of sentimental value. If you think it’s time to replace your pump, don’t hesitate. You pay hundreds of dollars per year to protect your car, but we sometimes fail to spend money protecting our most precious of possessions, photos, memories, and valuables stored in our basements.

AquaTech’s choices for sump pump and ejector pump that we carry on our AquaTech Plumbing trucks are based on our many years of experience with which pumps perform the best and are most reliable when our customers need them most.

Pumps are cycle tested by the manufacturer and some have better limits than others. After years of servicing pumps, we know which brands and which size pumps last –and which have the power and durability to keep your basement from flooding.

Extend the Life of Your Pump. The sump pump discharge line carrying water from your home or building is an important factor in extending the life of your pump. This line can be buried to carry water away from your home/building to keep your sump pump from pumping the same water out over and over again. We can tie the line in to storm sewers, and design drainage holding systems as well.

AquaTech Plumbing offers expert solutions to funnel the water away from your home or building to stop your pump from working harder. Call us today to discuss your solution.

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