We do. We always have a technician on call.

Yes, we do. Just need some basic information to have a technician come take a look.

Yes, we have the equipment to handle commercial jobs.

Check your water meter to see if it’s spinning or if the gallons are going up.

Doesn’t happen. If you have a leak, you’ll see it.

Take the aerator off.

Yes. Corrosion builds up over time and it makes the hole bigger.

That depends. If it’s cheap and generic, just replace it. If it’s newer and/or more expensive, then just repair it.

It depends on the severity of the leak. You can put a bucket underneath it for the night and you can tell.

Rags for sure as they aren’t degradable and get stuck. Q-tips are common for people to throw away. Lastly the cleaning agents that hang on the inside of the bowl can cause toilet issues as well.

People could be taking longer showers or your toilet is running all the time. Sometimes it makes a sound, sometimes it doesn’t. Older style toilets can be really quiet.

Yes, replace the fill valve or flapper. When you want it to stop, use the shut off valve until a plumber can get there.

Bones as they can be difficult to break up and ruin your disposal. You should also run your faucet for 30 seconds after you shut the disposal off as food doesn’t move as fast as the water.

Shut the water off, try using a plunger. If that doesn’t work call a plumber. If it’s still filling up, you can bucket the water out or suck it out with a shop vac.

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LC Answering Service
LC Answering Service
They were fast, professional, and clean. Pricing was also far.
Matt D
Matt D
Excellent job, great price! Gave us a time window, showed up as scheduled. Took less than 2 hours. We got a commercial grade AO Smith. Really nice deal! I had requested a 50 gallon and the tech asked me if I was sure we didn't want a 40. Very nice people, no pressure to upgrade anything.
Judy Hanson
Judy Hanson
We have always been pleased with Aquatech Plumbing. Today was no exception. Rich called and I happened to have missed his call and he waited at my door at least 15 minutes until I called him back. He was helpful and completed the job thoroughly and quickly. He also adjusted my bill and redid the charge when I had forgotten that I had a coupon for $25. Thank you, Rich! We will continue to use Aquatech!
Becky Khayum
Becky Khayum
We used AquaTech Plumbing in Aurora and had an excellent experience. They were able to send out a technician promptly. Rich came out and helped to diagnose and fix several problems. We were extremely happy with the services and would highly recommend AquaTech to anyone in the Aurora area.
Johnette Hardy
Johnette Hardy
Excellent...Phenomenal....Extraordinary Service! They were there, when no one else was available to rod our drain, after severe storms in our area... Well worth the time and money....Nate and Gemma are THE Best!
Sara Orchowski
Sara Orchowski
I called Aqua Tech first for an issue with my master bath shower and then on a 2nd consecutive day for a problem that sprung up with my kitchen sink. Both experiences were phenomenal. Aqua Tech sent Nate on the first day and I could not have been more impressed with his professionalism, knowledge and trustworthiness. He explained everything and warned me of the problems that might occur with the work I was asking him to perform and the ensuing costs. I actually incurred very little cost that day. Nate was incredibly fair and honest. The next morning, upon realizing my kitchen sink was backing up and I had a leaky pipe, I didn't hesitate to call Aqua Tech and ask for Nate again. I was not sorry that I did. Nate worked tirelessly to diagnose the source of my leak and completed the work in a timely manner. The best part was that he cleaned up the mess of his having to cut the drywall. I've had many people into my home to make repairs of one kind or another and I've found that the practice of cleaning up after oneself seems to have fallen by the wayside. Not with Nate! He got a shopvac off his truck and cleaned it right up. I highly recommend Aqua Tech and Nate. I truly feel I paid a fair price for quality work by a professional.


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